The people of Billingham need a dedicated team of Labour councillors to provide a strong voice in tough times as Councils have to come to terms with the Tory-led government’s cuts which could decimate local services.And across the town have strong candidates who will put Billingham first and continue the work to see the Town Centre redeveloped, Billingham House demolished, work on John Whitehead Park completed, and our new look Forum put to best use for the whole community.

Whilst Labour councillors have fought hard to maintain services and stopping Council Tax increases this year, others including former Liberal Democrats turned Independents, have kept their heads down and accepted the huge cuts imposed on our communities by the Tory/Liberal Democrat Government.

It is time for you to make clear to them all that you do not agree with their agenda hitting everything from health care to education.

Only a strong Labour Council with Billingham Labour councillors can provide a strong voice for you in these tough times, work to protect your services as far as possible and ensure you get the support you need with regular meetings with your councillors and newsletters telling you what is going on.