Fairness for all

We believe in equal opportunity for everyone in our borough. There are many diverse areas within Stockton on Tees and it’s our aim to give everyone the best services, life chances and opportunities possible.

Local people have been hit unfairly by the Tory-LibDem government. And the government is continued to assault our quality of life and opportunity. Stockton Council is suffering the second biggest percentage cut to its budget of any area in England in 2015-16. The council has been handed a 16.2% drop in funds from government. More than £50 million has been cut from our annual funding by the Coalition since 2011.

Despite this continued unfair attack on the people of Stockton on Tees, we will aim to make fairness central to all we do. We pledge to:

• Reduce poverty by taking action in our most disadvantaged wards including improving housing, continuing our ‘Troubled Families’ scheme, public health initiatives and more personalised support

• Support the borough’s Tees Credit Union including opening an office in the centre of Stockton to offer an alternative to payday lenders and loan sharks

• Continue our work against fuel poverty by insulating more people’s homes to make them warmer and reduce their energy bills

• Tackle rogue landlords to give people in private rented accommodation better living conditions

• Help those people hit hardest by Tory ‘welfare reform’ through targeted help including emergency funding and access to benefits they are entitled to, including those working, unemployed and with disabilities

• Stand against domestic abuse in all its forms and provide more support and services for those experiencing it, and help the Police prosecute perpetrators

• Work with our diverse communities to meet their needs and promote an equal, multi-cultural society that recognises our values of fairness and opportunities for all

• Provide better local services for those of all ages with autism

• Reduce health inequalities with targeted support in the most disadvantaged areas such as the Fairer Start scheme to boost 0-3 year olds’ development and diet, working in partnership with the local NHS

• Continue to run high quality early years and family support services so pre-school children get the best start in life

• Recognise the vital work of carers and give them the breaks and opportunities to improve their own independence, careers and quality of life

• Work hard to constantly improve education for all children, regardless of the type of school, and attempts by the Tory government to create a ‘two tier’ system that leaves some children behind

• Give people a real voice in what Stockton Council does, including children and young people through our Youth Parliament, and introducing new ways of listening to our residents and their concerns

• Commit Stockton Council to being a Living Wage employer and encourage other public and private sector organisations to do the same

• Reward the unique contribution of our Armed Forces and ensure they can access the services and support they deserve

• Value the work our voluntary, community and social enterprise sector does to help people across the borough, and continue to invest to help sustain a vibrant third sector