Good health, well-being and opportunities for everyone

We believe Stockton Council and its partners can make a real, positive difference to people’s lives. This means closing the gaps in people’s health across different parts of the borough, and giving everyone the chance to enjoy the best health, well-being and opportunities possible.

By striving for the best services for everyone, and targeting work on those most in need, we will make best use of council resources. We aim to be innovative and focused on helping our residents achieve their potential. Stockton on Tees offers many great things to people and we want to do more.

We want people to be able to enjoy the best arts, leisure and sporting activities on their own doorstep.

And at the same time we will provide outstanding events for residents to enjoy, and to attract visitors into our borough.

• Recognise our changing demographics and ensure older people receive the attention and services they need, including specialist support for people with dementia

• Support our outstanding cultural and leisure organisations in the borough, such as ARC, SIRF, Tees Active and Preston Park Museum to provide great arts, sports and leisure opportunities for all

• Develop more opportunities for those with learning and physical disabilities and mental health problems

• Build a brand new community facility including a library and swimming pool in Ingleby Barwick

• Keep our children’s centres open and make sure NHS health visitors are based in them to bring health services and support closer to communities

• Give people including older people the opportunity to retain their independence through housing, use of personal budgets, and support tailored to their needs

• Open more small, local children’s homes so our most vulnerable children can have the care and support they deserve and the opportunities that through no fault of their own they have been denied

• Increase participation in arts, sports and leisure activities, reaching out to people who find it hardest to access opportunities

• Support cultural events and activities and develop exciting new opportunities that bring national recognition to Stockton, enabling local people to enjoy world class experiences

• Continue to ensure cultural activity helps achieve our goals around health and wellbeing for all ages, learning and skills development and a vibrant local economy

• Work with voluntary and community groups and social enterprises to develop high quality support services that meet local needs

• Introduce a new, enhanced school nursing service

• Fight for a new 21st century hospital bringing the best healthcare facilities to the people of Stockton on Tees

• Work with all our schools through Campus Stockton to raise standards

• Support local food growing and community gardening projects

• Encourage walking and cycling with better connections and access between our green spaces and programmes to boost physical activity