The people of Norton need a dedicated team of Labour councillors to provide a strong voice in tough times as the Councils have to come to terms with the Tory-led government’s cuts which could decimate local services.We have seen great progress with services in recent year and there is even some light at the end of the tunnel with some improvements to Stockton High Street with the new enterprise centre and plans for re-opening The Globe but much more needs to be done.

But across Stockton we have seen good services in everything from care of the elderly to education put in jeopardy as the Council has fought hard to cope with a budget cut of 28%.

There have also been improvements in Norton on the road system and around the Duck Pond making life easier for everyone.

Only a strong Labour Council with Norton Labour councillors can provide a strong voice for you in these tough times, work to protect your services as far as possible and ensure you get the support you need with regular meetings with your councillors and newsletters telling you what is going on.



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