Norma and David for Norton West

Norma and David working hard for you in Norton West

Dear Resident

We are delighted to have been selected once again to stand as your Labour Candidates for the Norton West Ward in May’s Council elections.

This is a vitally important election. These are difficult days for our community. Due to Tory cuts, we are seeing our Council forced to make cuts to its services; and our region unfairly hit by austerity. Austerity has hit the Council’s budget hard but we are committed to maintaining vital services such as weekly bin emptying and keeping our Libraries open.

That’s why we need a strong Labour Council dedicated to maintaining the best possible services and putting forward a positive vision and agenda for the entire Stockton-on-Tees Borough; that puts the wellbeing of our children and older people first; and defends you against Tory cuts.

We have been privileged to serve the ward in which we live for eight years, and are committed to being visible and accessible to residents, and your advocates in the Town Hall and beyond.

Please vote for us on 2nd May—thank you.

David and Norma Wilburn

Our Achievements

  • We are fully available to our residents and take immediate action on your behalf and hold surgeries at 3 accessible locations.
  • Established a successful Coffee Morning for older residents
  • Added a free Christmas Dinner to the Summer and Winter Bus Trips – open to all.
  • Supported residents in the formation and running of the Crooksbarn and Station Road Residents’ Associations.
  • Used our environment budget for wild flowers on the Glebe and protecting Grass Verges on Junction Road also facilities in Tinkers Yard.
  • When the sad loss of the Education Centre became inevitable – we sought alternative uses for the site and when these were refused by the Government we finally negotiated a £100,000 grant from the Council as some compensation for the major loss to residents in the Ward.
  • Supported Norton Sports Centre Security measures.
  • Worked with residents to have the No 38 bus route reinstated.
  • Installed new lighting, seating and a path in Tinkers Yard.
  • Provided major refurbishment of the Glebe Community Centre which is owned by the local Community.

Our Pledges

  • We will continue to work hard for local people and make ourselves fully available for dealing with problems and issues.
  • Continue to provide day trips and other activities for local people.
  • Continue our environmental work including the protection of grass verges across the Ward, wild flowers, the Pocket Park etc.
  • Continue negotiations with Sports England for a local replacement football pitch
  • We will commence a wide-scale consultation with residents for suggestions and a consensus on how the £100,000 should be spent in the Ward.
  • Continue to be strong advocates for Norton West and its residents
Norma Wilburn

Norma Wilburn

Norma has represented Norton West for eight years.

She is the Council’s Cabinet Member for Arts, Leisure & Culture and is responsible for many of the major events in Stockton – SIRF, November 5th Fireworks and new events such as the Town Centre Cycling Tournaments, and has recently signed the City Games.

She is personally committed to ensuring that a Library service is provided across the Borough.

David Wilburn

David is a long time resident of Norton West and is proud of his eight years as your Councillor.

He has committed to an extremely busy schedule. He attends five Committees, two of which he Chairs). He also represents the Council on the Cleveland Police Panel and the Airport Board where he has recently been pleased to sign, on behalf of all 5 Councils involved, the Airport over to the Combined Authority.

David Wilburn

Please Vote for us on 2nd May 2019