Paul & Marilyn working hard for you in Newtown

Dear Resident

We are delighted to have been selected as you Labour Candidates for Newtown ward. Marilyn has had the privilege of serving you since 2017, and will be joined by Paul Weston to make up your Newtown Labour team.

These are difficult days for our community. Due to Tory cuts, we are seeing our Council forced to make cuts to its services; and our region unfairly hit by austerity.

That’s why we need a strong Labour Council dedicated to maintaining the best possible services and putting forward a positive vision and agenda for the entire Stockton-on-Tees Borough; that puts the wellbeing of our children and older people first; and defends you against Tory cuts.

Please vote for us on 2nd May—thank you.

Marilyn Surtees and Paul Weston

Our Pledges

  • To be available to local people with a dedicated phone line and regular surgeries for one-to-one meetings;
  • Continue to keep residents informed of our work through delivery of our regular newsletter, Doorstep;
  • Work with local people and Residents’ Groups to work on the issues that matter to you;
  • Press for more police and enforcement activity in the area to tackle and deter anti-social behaviour;
  • Use our community budget on issues that’s matter to local people—and make sure your voices are heard on how it should be spent;
  • Continue to be strong advocates for Newtown and its residents.

Marilyn Surtees

Marilyn has been a resident in Newtown for over 60 years.

In her two years as ward councillor she has fulfilled all her election pledges, re opening Primrose Hill Centre, producing five newsletters, holding regular ward surgeries and responding quickly and positively to all enquiries from residents. 

She has had Durham Road and surrounding streets designated as an area for raising standards and had Dundas Street and Primrose Hill Park cleaned up after years of neglect. 

She used the ward budget to have CCTV cameras sited in the worst areas of anti-social behaviour leading to a marked reduction in incidents. 

Paul Weston

Paul is married with two grown up children and is a Trade Union branch secretary working out of the newly reopened Primrose Hill Community Centre and has previously worked as an Electrician in maintaining council housing covering the Newtown Ward area.

In his role of a trade Union representative he has developed many skills in representing people’s concerns and offering good advice and guidance. 

If elected alongside Marilyn, he will be a strong advocate for Newtown in the Town Hall and beyond.

Please Vote for us on 2nd May 2019