Stockton Town Centre

Pauline and Paul working hard for you in Stockton Town Centre

Dear Resident

We are delighted to have been selected as your Labour candidates for Stockton Town Centre in May’s Council elections.

This is a vitally important election. These are difficult days for our community. Due to the governments austerity measures we are seeing our Council forced to make cuts to its services; and our region unfairly hit by scarcity of resources.

That’s why we need a strong Labour Council dedicated to maintaining the best possible services and putting forward a positive vision and agenda for the entire Stockton-on-Tees Borough; that puts the wellbeing of our children and older people first; and defends you against Tory–led decision making.

There has been a lot of positive change in Stockton Town Centre over the last four years, including the redevelopment of the High Street, and housing renewal and development across all areas of the ward.

As your councillors we will continue to champion the ward, its local communities, and ensure your voices are heard in any future development.

Please vote for us on 2nd May—thank you.

Pauline Beall and Paul Kirton

Some of our Achievements

  • Anti-social behaviour signage and CCTV across the ward has been increased.
  • We have supported housing development at Northshore, Norton Road and in the town centre, and made sure local people played a role in shaping these developments.
  • Traffic calming measures put in place in the ward after taking residents’ concerns up with the Council.
  • In consultation with residents we have made environmental improvements e.g. Riverside dog bins and dropped kerbs in different parts of the Ward.
  • Wifi Shelters, Play areas and a Residents Art Club have been introduced.

Our Pledges

  • We believe that residents want to be kept informed about things in their local so we will publish and deliver a regular newsletter to all homes.
  • We will be visible in the area by regular Ward Walkabouts, Ward Surgeries and will respond promptly to issues you raise with us by email or phone.
  • We will attend and work with Residents Groups, take up issues raised and report back our actions.
  • We will consult with people affected by any new developments in their area and make sure their views are properly represented; for examplewith proposed new housing developments.
  • We will strive for improvements to address community safety concerns.
  • We will be your voice on Stockton Council and relevant Partnerships.
Pauline Beall

Pauline Beall

Pauline lives in Stockton Town Centre ward with her husband Jim. She brings a wealth of experience from an extensive former career in both local government and the voluntary sector, and used to manage to Stockton Law Centre. She now works part-time in the office of Alex Cunningham MP.

Pauline is a Trustee of Onsite, which manages a number of community centres across the Borough, and is a voluntary member of the Stockton Child Placement [Fostering] Panel.

If elected, Pauline promises that the best interest of Stockton Town Centre residents will at the heart of everything she does, and will make sure that local people get the best representation they deserve.

Paul Kirton

Paul has represented Town Centre Ward for 20 years. He regularly attends Residents Association meetings and is always available to help with the concerns of both residents and local businesses. Paul successfully campaigned with local people to prevent the designation of land close to St Johns Close and Frederick Street as a traveller site.

He is an active councillor in the community and regularly accompanies local police on their Action Days. Paul chairs the Council Licensing Committee and aims to ensure that both taxis and licensed premises operate according to the law and the council’s policies on safeguarding the public.

If re-elected Paul will continue to work hard for local residents and be available to help with problems.

Please Vote for us on 2nd May 2019